Oprah ‘Negroes in The House’ Winfrey Kicks Stepmom Out Of Home: Stepmom Exposes Oprah’s Hidden Life

April 22nd, 2014 by KC STAR

‘You say I never talk to you? I want to talk to you now. You have until Monday to get out of MY house’ – Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is being put on blast by her stepmother Barbara Winfrey, who is currently facing prenuptial divorce proceedings with Oprah’s ‘your not my biological father’ Vernon, and the entire escapade has now gone out of hand, as not only is Barbara mad that because of the divorce, Oprah is evicting Barbara out of her $1.4 million gated Nashville Mansion, but is now airing out Oprah’s disrespectful ways, that Barbara believes, caused the divorce in the first place.

Barbara admits that her relationship with Vernon initially went sour, when she found out of his infidelity with a prostitute by the name of ‘One Tooth’, but goes on to reveal that, at first she only moved from the marital bedroom, but never looked at divorce, however it was Oprah who stepped in as the devil (more…) No Comments »

Nikko Smith Ask’s you to ‘Caption That’ as Mimi Faust Sex Tape is Released

April 22nd, 2014 by KC STAR

‘Power Exists in the Mind.. 100$ Million is on mine!!!! Boss Shit…. Caption That!!!’ – Nikko Smith

Mimi Faust’s and Nikko Smith’s ‘purpose’ sex tape has been released for all to see through Vivid Entertainment, and of course it has not come without it’s criticism from fellow Love & Hip Hop cast member’s and the general public alike. The most critical and analytic voice of opinion came from Charlamgne tha god, who not only served Mimi Faust a Donkey of The Day Award, but even went in on Nikko, exposing him as what we all know him to be.

With reports of Mimi Faust cashing in a mere $40,000k for the tape, after taxes and splitting it halfway, rumors have now come out about the new pimp on the scene, Nikko Smith, for allegedly taking in all, up front payments of (more…) No Comments »

The Game Regretting His Ratchet Hollyweird Life? Deleted Breakdown Instagram Post Revealed

April 22nd, 2014 by KC STAR


Has the Game finally reached melting point? As his recent family drama’s has all but gotten the best of him, from side chick drama, to recently laying the beat down on his fiancee, the Game has not only been forced to stay away from his eventually-to-be-wife Tiffney Cambridge, but also away from the most prized possessions in his life, his children.

After the Game’s violent outburst against Cambridge, she has gotten a restraining order against him whilst an investigation is in process to determine the outcome of the incident, which has put the Game in a dilemma, as now he cannot see his own children, since they are staying with Cambridge. Now with the festive holiday’s of Easter coming to an end, it seem’s like (more…) No Comments »

Jay-Z Producer Attempts to Extort Live Nation with $20mill worth of Jay-Z Records?

April 22nd, 2014 by KC STAR


Jay-Z is being hit and dropped with lawsuits all over this 2014, as now after beating his $600 million trademark lawsuit for allegedly stealing the name ‘Brooklyn Nets’ from Dr. Francois De Cassagnol, he now has to deal with the ownership of his master records, as a former producer of his, by the name of Chauncey Mahan is seeking $100,000 in ‘storage fees’.

Chauncey Mahan was once an engineer for the Hova mc, however since his departure in 2002, so too was a catalog of Jay-Z masters that are allegedly worth $20 million. Now the engineer has resurfaced, offering to sell the records to Live Nation for a mere $100,000, claiming that he deserves to be (more…) No Comments »

FunkMaster Flex Admits The Worst Freestyler on His Show Goes to 2 Chainz

April 21st, 2014 by KC STAR


Dj FunkMaster Flex appeared on ESPN’s Highly Questionable, where he was quizzed on his role on causing Knicks player J.R Smith to party after every game, and even Flex’s well explained obsession with the older ‘cougar’ woman Kirstie Alley. However, it all turned sour when anchor Dan Le Batard quizzed the Dj on the worst freestyle given on his show Hot97.

It took sometime for the FunkMaster to reveal the cold truth, but when it came to deciding who he would throw under the bus, there was no hesitation, as Flex revealed his worst freestyle award goes to rapper 2 Chainz. FunkMaster Flex tried to defend his decision, stating that he believes 2 Chainz was just simply haaving a ‘bad day’. Watching the freestyle in question may have you believe 2 Chainz (more…) No Comments »

Kenya Moore is Broke & Faking It? Source Says No Money in The Bank

April 20th, 2014 by KC STAR


Kenya Moore has just found time out of her busy schedule to finally press charges against fellow RHOA cast member Porsha Williams for the beat down that she gave Moore on their reunion show. Now the new twist is that if Williams publicly comes out and apologizes for her ‘extremely unladylike and foul’ behavior, Moore will drop all charges stone cold.

Seem’s like Porsha Williams contract with Bravo is all in the hands of Kenya Moore, however new information from a radaronline source, reveals that Kenya is not as in control off things when it comes to her own life, as fake ‘rich African Prince’ boyfriends and leased out luxury cars expose some (more…) No Comments »

Justin Bieber Wakes Up to ‘No Comment’ From White House Deportation Petition

April 19th, 2014 by KC STAR


Still wondering what ever happened to that revoke Justin Bieber’s green card and ship him back to where he came from, White House petition? Well the White House has finally responded, after receiving more than double the required amount for a response, reaching a whopping 270,000 signatures. Unfortunately, it’s bad news for the ‘non-belieber’s’, as the White House simply responded with a ‘No Comment’.

This means that our favorite Canadian popstar will not be going back to his home town for good, any time soon, leaving the DUI criminal to roam the street’s of America a free man, ready to reek havoc with some more anti-social behavior on American soil, all whilst spitting and cursing it’s previous (more…) No Comments »