50 Cent’s ‘THOT’ hits back with a $11 Million Lawsuit

April 24th, 2014 by KC STAR


Remember Sally Ferreira? The video vixxen who starred in one of 50 Cent’s video’s, who allegedly leaked behind the scenes photos of the big event, that had 50 Cent so mad that not only did he order all his people to re-shoot the entire video again, but even put Ferreira on blast as a thirsty ‘THOT’ (that h** out there) who should not be hired by any director ever again!

Well Ferreira has hit back, but not by stepping down to 50 Cents level, instead she’s going for where it will hurt the most, and we’re not talking about down there, we’re talking about a full blown lawsuit for $11 million for defamation, as (more…) No Comments »

Fans Outraged as Madonna Uses the word ‘Gay’ to Describe Vladimir Putin

April 24th, 2014 by KC STAR


The once pop queen Madonna is once again at the center of public scrutiny for her use of discriminatory words, this time for her use of the word gay to slander the Russian president Vladimir Putin. Appearing on media outlet Buzzfeed she played a game where she would describe how she felt on whatever object, food or person they asked her about.

When word got around town that gay rights activist’s Madonna used the word gay as a form a derogatory on Putin, the fans and enthusiast’s let loose on Madonna their own thoughts through social media, calling her out as a hypocrite and even a racist! However, the slander from Madonna did not end (more…) No Comments »

Jennifer Hudson’s ‘Brown Shoe 100 Year Stock Party’ Dress Meltdown

April 24th, 2014 by KC STAR


The Brown Shoe Company recently celebrated its 100 year anniversary on being on the New York stock exchange, becoming one of only 24 companies to ever do so, and to celebrate their success, the company not only enlisted ‘fashion style icon’ Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas to ring the closing bell ceremony, but also invited RnB diva Jennifer Hudson to sing them out to victory.

However it seem’s like all eyes were on Jennifer Hudson at the World Trade Center last night, as she stole the show with her very revealing outfit, wearing a laced out black dress, which looked more like it belonged in the (more…) No Comments »

Ask Papa Ross: Rick Ross Has His Own Advise Column in Rolling Stone Magazine

April 23rd, 2014 by KC STAR


Mobb Boss Rick Ross will now be answering your questions on career advise, love advise and of course, how to get ‘rich of cocaine’, as Rolling Stone magazine has just added Rick Ross to its columnist panel, where you can ‘Ask Rick Ross’ about anything and everything you’ve ever wanted to ask.

‘[Reader Question] my dad keeps barging in my room asking if we want to smoke some weed with him. How can i tell him nicely to stop embarrassing me like this?

[Rick Ross Answer] You get to sit around and play video games and shit, and your dad actually smokes weed with you and your homeys? Your situation is pretty unique. Take advantage’

The first installment has Rick Ross telling kids to smoke weed with their parents and even telling them to cheat on their exam papers! I kid you not! Even when it came to choosing between your favorite ‘mary jane’ or your real (more…) No Comments »

Chris Brown Heads Home For Some Karrueche As Trial Is Delayed Until June

April 23rd, 2014 by KC STAR


The ‘Welcome Home’ banners up on Karrueche’s crib are already in place, as it’s being reported that Chris Brown will be heading home (in handcuffs), back to L.A., since his trial has yet again been postponed, but this time setting the date as far back as June the 25th.

However, it may be a little to early for those banners, as Chris Brown’s attorney’s say it will take about a week for him to return, due to his non-luxurious travel, consisting of a bus and then later a plane. It look’s like after Chris Brown’s bodyguard was found guilty, his attorney’s went into overkill (more…) No Comments »

Beyonce’s ‘Pretty Hurts’ Was Sat on By Rihanna’s Manager for 8 Months

April 23rd, 2014 by KC STAR


Ever wondered who made Beyonce’s hit song ‘Pretty Hurts’? Well it all went down in a small Los Angeles apartment where singer/song-writer Sia Furler say’s she wrote it for self-help. Now after listening back to the track and vocalizing it in studio over a beat, Furler knew she had a hit and instantly sent it to her best friend Katy Perry!

Unfortunately, Katy Perry didn’t get the email, thus Furler decided to try the next best thing, which was to hand it over to Rihanna’s manager. After previously working with Rihanna, writing up her song ‘Diamonds’, Furler thought it was a done deal, however after 8 months, she found out that (more…) No Comments »

Trina Speaks Out About Losing French Montana to Khloe Kardashian?

April 23rd, 2014 by KC STAR


Hollywood founded a new couple on its scene, as love seem’s to be in the air between Khloe Kardashian and rapper French Montana, however it has all come with speculation as without an official statement from the duo, newly wed shower gifts have been put on hold. But before the big congratulations, many are looking at French Montana’s previous partner rapper Trina, who has been all to quiet on what seem’s to be an all of a sudden relationship.

Did French Montana skip the breakup phone call and jumped straight onto a bigger and better fish? Since Khloe And French hooked up all over our screens, rumors have only been two sided from whether its all a pr ploy for the two to move up the social ladder or is it a genuine relationship. One (more…) No Comments »