Soulja Boy, Bow Wow, Yung Berg & More Jump On Reality TV Gold Rush

September 16th, 2014 by KC STAR


Love & Hip Hop Hollywood has been bestowed upon our televisions, exposing more drama and crazy baby mama conundrums, and this debut season features not only Yung Berg, Omarion, Ray J and Lil Fizz but also Love & Hip Hops savior, Soulja Boy Tellem, and each cast member brought their love interests and side chicks along with them!

After watching episode one, you can honestly feel the tension fill up in the air, and even in that very same episode, revealed to us Ray J’s ex-lover Teairra Marí’s violent side, where after Ray’s current lover Princess exposed Vagisil cream in Mari’s bags, an incident that was reported in the blogs back in April, Mari responded by attacking Princess, throwing her 11th drink in her face! What a dramatic ending right? Mona Scoot Young will be at the edge of her seat as the ratings come in, and every cast member is hoping to cash it in big!
i just think its gone show the people the other side like my relationship and stuff and they always post me up on the blogs and the media for like pictures of me in he club and pictures with a certain female and as far as it effecting my career its just gona show the people thats posting on the blogs showing the real side of whats going on – Soulja Boy

Oh yes, Love and Hip Hops golden boy believes that him appearing on the show will not effect his career in a negative way, but instead show the world of whats really going on behind his life, which is his 8 year ex-lover, the (more…) No Comments »

Crazy Blogger Selling Kris Jenner Racist Audio Tape Gets Catfished

September 15th, 2014 by KC STAR


For months now, a blogger by the name of Jacky Jasper has been shopping around an audio tape, of which he claims to voice Kardashian Emperor Kris Jenner, blurting out racial slurs like no body’s business, and we’re talking about the big N word! The tape, allegedly is a recorded conversation between the blogger Jacky Jasper and Kris Jenner herself, where the two exchange words about Kris’ racist ways!

The audio recording is riddled with n-bombs aimed at all Black people, including Jacky; callous, unthinkable comments containing references to Emmett Till; Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; Oprah Winfrey and Jaden Smith.

“Oprah is the n*gger of the n*gger-ish. She’s a Black woman making money in a white woman’s world.” – HSK

In this tape the voice of Kris Jenner is heard rambling about how she say’s the word n*gger all day long, from breakfast till dawn, and even calls n*ggers ‘the lowest of the low’. The 4 minute audio is apparently part of an (more…) No Comments »

Kanye West Demands Australian Wheelchair Couple to Stand Up in His Presence

September 14th, 2014 by KC STAR


Nah seriously, this really happened yo, as Kanye West our Prophet and genius, according to the diva Childish Gambino, took royal stage at his show attendance in Australia, he demanded the crowd to stand up, so that they could receive the gospel of his Hip Hop songs, however two infidels took on the pleasure of defiling our lord Yeezuz!

During the Yeezus tour in Sydney on Friday night, rapper Kanye West went a step further, stopping the whole show at Qantas Credit Union Arena when two seated fans wouldn’t get to their feet – because they were in wheelchairs.

That’s right folks, Kanye West completely lost in his lustful aura of madness, demanded a couple both in wheelchairs to stand up before their god, and if not, then no one shall receive the good news of thy mighty (more…) No Comments »

Chris Brown Ft. Ariana Grande – Don’t Be Gone Too Long (The Verdict)

September 14th, 2014 by KC STAR


Have you seen the video for the latest song from super RnB star Chris Brown? Well he has only but gone and released the video for his duet song with Ariana Grande called ‘Don’t Be Gone Too Long’ and the visuals are dated back to, lets say around the 1800, when they still wore chain mails and used swords as their choice of weapon. Ok, i know your getting excited, so here’s the video in all its glory:

Yes the song is no doubt a collaboration to take on the pop charts and hopefully reach a significant amount of awareness, and Chris Brown and his label is hoping just that, as this song has been in the making since March of this year! It sounds good for the pop niche, however, don’t get me wrong here, but the repetitiveness of the song kind of puts you off, since listening to it, and it ends up (more…) No Comments »

Iggy Azalea Confirms Sex Tape of Her In Vivid’s Possession Is Real

September 12th, 2014 by KC STAR


Someone out there in the world really wants to see Iggy Azalea get down and nasty in a display of full hardcore action, sweat, drip and tear filled sex film, as once again Iggy Azalea has been caught up in a sex scandal, and this time it’s at higher stakes, since it’s adult film company Vivid Entertainment, that have come out claiming they have a home made tape of the Australian lass.

Steven Hirsch, the CEO of Vivid Entertainment, is alleging that he’s seen footage of a tape that includes the Fancy rapper and an ex-BF and it could give Kimmy’s tape a run for its money – Perez

Apparently porn master Steve Hirsch has watched the home film with great detail and confirms that it’s her, even believing that if Iggy signs off the release of the video, the popularity and demand to see Iggy with her clothes off, could surpass that off Kim Kardashians! However, when news broke out, Iggy and her team insisted that the person in the video was not her, but (more…) No Comments »

Roc Nation Management takes On Big Sean in New Deal

September 12th, 2014 by KC STAR


Hip Hop star Big Sean wants to move up in the world, he wants to see those 6 figure cheques at the end of the month whilst he sits back on his multi million empire, and whatever that is, his latest venture could just get him his dreams come true, as he signs up for some Roc Nation.

Big Sean has just signed a new deal with Jay Z’s Roc Nation.

Sean Don will still remain with his G.O.O.D. Music label, but will now join the Roc family to help handle his management duties – HNHH

Sean will be another artist on the already huge catalog of artist’s that are under the wings of Jay-Z’s management firm. As Big Sean flocks into the arms of the growing giant, he brings along with him 2 albums, which one of (more…) No Comments »

Media Fakes Kanye West Seizure Story Whilst Kim & Ye Enjoy Australian Royalty

September 12th, 2014 by KC STAR


There’s a rumor going round town that Kanye West is a sick man, and we’re not talking about his mental stability, we’re talking about his physiological health, as it’being told by a ‘witness’ that they were standing around when suddenly they saw a hooded black man, who just happened to be Kanye West, and he was being rushed into the back entrance of a hospital, while being heavily guarded by a security team! The witness then must of followed this exciting epidemic and watched Kanye West being laid on a stretcher and directed into the MRI scan ward!!

Yeezy was feeling a little queezy on Wednesday and was rushed to hospital. The 37-year-old rapper is said to have been ushered through the back entrance of the emergency ward of Epworth hospital in Melbourne yesterday at 2pm. Doctors had fears that the rapper had a seizure or was about to have a seizure

His face was partially concealed when he was ushered through the back entrance of the facility by his security team before being stretchered into the MRI area. – source

One crazy website even had a name for this super hero of a witness. However, it’s crazy that without any facts, the media straight up said that Kanye West had a seizure, like it couldn’t be anything less drastic right? that just sounds stupid. Either way, a representative spoke with E! who (more…) 1 Comment »