Lamar Odom Dropped From NY Nicks After 1 Month, Rumors say He’s Back on Crack

July 16th, 2014 by KC STAR


What’s wrong with this child? After suffering such a humiliating public defeat by the Kardashian Klan, not to mention total complete embarrassment of his crack cocaine addiction, Lamar Odom stood back up like a proud man, took the heat, and pushed through the road of redemption, showing the world that he has conquered his father’s demons and is ready to come back and reclaim his manhood.

And so he did, as back in April, Lamar Odom signed a contract with the New York Knicks, signalling his comeback in the world of NBA. However, just after 1 month, Lamar has now officially been dropped, as the current (more…) No Comments »

What’s Up with Chris Brown’s ‘El DeBarge’ Hair Cut

July 15th, 2014 by KC STAR


Have you seen Chris Brown lately? Well he has only but gone and got himself a brand spanking new hair cut, and word on the street is that he’s looking like El-DeBarge’s long lost brother, as Chris Brown’s new hairdo is looking like a younger DeBarge.

The style does look cool from this side shot, and even crazy fans have got it in their head that this bald statement (get what i did there) is somehow going to have Chris Brown channeling the same great music that the once legendary El DeBarge gave to the world, yes seriously someone in the bossip comments actually said that.

But i do have to agree with the not so crazy person, because perhaps that this style change, as simple as it may be, might be enough to give Chris Brown a (more…) No Comments »

Ferrari Rapper That Recorded Cracked Out Joseline Admits he Smashed Her

July 14th, 2014 by KC STAR


Take a close look at the ‘men’ of our future, as just like i predicted, that night where Joseline Hernandez was high of cocaine, no doubt one of those guys took advantage, and listening to Ferrari Ferrell talk his BS, it seem’s like it was one night that he would never forget, so much so, that he was able to re-collect the entire story, even the part where Stevie J turned up to turn up!

Who is Ferrari Ferrell? I don’t know, but apparently he is the rapper, that let Joseline Hernandez come through to the studio, where she was high on some consciousness drugs, talking about being a slut. In his interview with gossip (more…) No Comments »

Karrueche Tran Almost Cries when Talking About Playboy Chris Brown

July 14th, 2014 by KC STAR


Now before you start reading this, just remember, i’m a guy, so my Amygdala gland is smaller than yours ladies, but honestly i don’t know what to talk about here, the fact that Keke Palmer has a show on BET, or the fact that Karrueche Tran honestly believes that having a sexual relationship with Chris Brown makes her a celebrity (you bet it does). 

Ok so Keke Palmer who is multi-talented aka which ever industry picks me up first, has her own show on BET called JustKeke, where she talks to other celebrities about random stuff that we all may relate too or not, and i believe her second show ever (correct me if i’m wrong like i give a f***) had Karrueche Tran almost drop to tears, as Keke asked Karrueche about the (more…) No Comments »

Porsha Williams New ’2014′ Boyfriend Revealed and he Plays Ball

July 14th, 2014 by KC STAR


Porsha Williams is in Love again and this time she believes she has found the one, so much so, that the nerves have got the best of her and she refuses to reveal exactly who the other half is. However according to LaLate website, they believe they know exactly who it is, as after Porsha put up a blurred out Instagram picture of her and her new beau, fans have pointed out that the blurred picture was done by a mediocre amateur.


Can you guess who this mystery man is? Well apparently it is none other than Miami heat player Norris Cole, and this man has made Porsha so joyous that she just can’t wait to reveal to the world just exactly who he is. Congratulations to Porsha on finding true love again, but lets drop back down from cloud 9 to (more…) No Comments »

Joseline Hernandez a Life of Sex, Cocaine and the Chase for Fame

July 14th, 2014 by KC STAR


What is going on in the world, where the bottom dwellers of the world, the type of people your proud parents warn you to never ever become, are now glorified as every person’s must become and looked up to? And unfortunately, one of those bottom dwellers is none other than the infamous Joseline Hernandez of Love & Hip Hop, thanks Mona ;)

I remember Joseline Hernandez was the proud young chica who knocked off old ass wannabe porn star Mimi Faust, from her throne beside music producer Stevie J, and she made sure that her victory was known worldwide, through Love & Hip Hop and even on social media, calling out Mimi as a ‘maid’ who gets sloppy seconds. However, truth be told, it was Joseline who (more…) No Comments »

K Michelle Encourages Fans to Get ‘Fat Transfers’ to Their Ass

July 13th, 2014 by KC STAR


Do you know who K Michelle is? Well if you asked anyone who keeps up with Z list celebrities, they would tell you ‘she’s that girl from Love & Hip Hop with the huge ass!’ Oh Yes, K Michelle, is that girl with the huge ass, who by the way, apparently can sing her heart out, as she already had an official album released back last year called the ‘Rebellious Soul’, and what wonders that album did, with a decent marketing campaign, it reached over 68,000 in its first week sales.

Impressive right? but those facts have completely been overshadowed by one thing, and yup you guessed it, its that huge ass! I mean that ass is humongous, so big, that its too good to be true, and of course her rear end has been at the (more…) No Comments »